Earl Thomas is focused and excited to make an appearance in the Pro Bowl this Sunday, Jan. 28.

This will be ET III’s sixth Pro Bowl out of his eight seasons in the NFL. Through injuries and impressive comebacks, Earl Thomas has remained strong and consistent throughout his career.

Earl along with Doug Baldwin, Michael Bennett, Duane Brown and Russell Wilson will be representing the Seahawks this weekend. The Seahawks suffered some major injuries that contributed to their short season, but these players pushed through the challenges and had an outstanding season.

ET III enjoyed the practice time with other DBs and being able to interact with his fans this weekend.


D B ‘ S

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Sending positive vibes to all my fans out there. Thank you.

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Earl Thomas set a Longhorn record for the most Pro Bowl appearances. UT celebrated his accomplishments and sent good luck his way. Hook’em!


Make sure to tune in Sunday, Jan. 28 at 12pm PT to watch Earl Thomas make his 6th Pro Bowl appearance. It’s worth watching.

Surrounded by Greatness. #actionshots

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It’s worth it.

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