I feel a fire burning inside me.
It allows me to be
bold, determined and confident.
When my mind is made up
I don’t care what anyone else says
because I see the truth inside me.
Who I am, my heart, they let me
resist the rebel way
and fight the overflow that surfaces.
I know I put my heart in the game.
I protect my inner child
from other people’s failings.
Early on in life,
early on in my career,
I didn’t use my resources
the right way.
I thank God for a renewed mind.
My thirst for truth and growth
is my adventure.
I am a young king
pursuing the righteous way.
My favorite thing to do is
shut up and listen
to my inner voice.
I fight for freedom
for my imagination and creativity.
When you add my rhythm
it’s really a beautiful thing.
When you work at something
it is intimate.
It mirrors life.