To me, being happy is not external.

Being happy is inner peace that allows you to flow freely, and express your true self, which for me, is love.

You feel grounded and want to spread your love to those around you. Love is the highest form there is, and it’s contagious. Within the mind, you think positively. You start to see clearly, and you see what was hidden.


Being happy is living in the moment. It’s being happy with yourself. It’s being grateful and thankful for everything. For me, that’s my relationships, my hometown, my teammates, Seattle and the 12s, and most importantly, my family. It’s a mixture of being even, and being vulnerable. Add that with praise, and I feel free. I feel like I can fly on the field.

This Thanksgiving with my teammates, it makes me realize that they are part of my family, too. Why would I not want to serve my family! It’s and honor and a privilege to live my childhood dream while realizing my true purpose.

Happy Thanksgiving!