Earl Thomas III is proving that it’s possible to come back even stronger after suffering a broken leg, and that’s scaring even his Seattle Seahawks teammates.

ET’s All-Pro linebacker teammate Bobby Wagner spoke about the incredible recovery made by No. 29:

“I think last week I said he came back even stronger than he was before in my opinion,” Wagner said, “which is scary.”


For Earl, he’s been through it all before. He returned to have a strong 2016 season after tearing the labrum in his shoulder late in the 2015 season. Now, he’s taking lessons learned from that comeback to lay the groundwork for his second resurgence.

“I was very hesitant and that kind of affected my whole game,” he said, recalling his first game back last season. “I didn’t play like myself. I played timid. I didn’t really give help where I needed to. I just was out of rhythm. I think it was just my first time going through it. You learn from situations like that. That’s why when this injury happened to my leg, I was prepared because I had been there before and I remember how it felt and [how I] thought back then. It’s helping me right now.”

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