The second episode of Earl Thomas’ brand new Area 29 web series takes you inside Earl’s dream home and features Earl talking before heading off to Seattle Seahawks training camp about last season’s magical championship run and what drives him.

Episode 2 begins with a brief MTV Cribs-style tour of ET III’s house—a property he’s had his eye on since he was just four years old. After talking style, creativity and tranquility, Earl goes down to his office in his house and outlines what the Seattle Seahawks did during their Super Bowl XLVIII championship run, and how they turned their past failures into successes.

Finally, Earl talks family, the “III” on the back of his jersey and clashing with his brother Seth growing up, before giving a quick preview of the mindset of himself and his team going into next season.

“We are willing to go further than anybody. I want my light to shine so bright, that they’re going to miss me when I’m done playing…They’re going to say…’His playing style was timeless, he could have played in any generation, and damn he was a hell of a guy off the field.'”