Earl Thomas recently held his annual camp for kids in his hometown of Orange, Texas and took the event as an opportunity to launch the Area 29 web series.

In this debut episode, entitled Camp ET3 Earl talks about what his hometown means to him, how appreciative he is of the support from the people Orange.


Then No. 29 takes you inside Camp ET3.

Watch as Earl welcomes the camp counselors, NFL players like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Brandon Browner, and gives an introductory speech to the hundreds of children attending the camp.

This pilot episode of Area 29 also includes highlights from ET III’s three-day camp as he discusses the impact he believes his camp can have on kids of all ages that attend.

“My camp is very influential to kids, especially in the Golden Triangle,” Earl said. “When you’ve been able to impact on a TV screen, kids are looking at that. So when they see you in real life, they’re stunned and you’re definitely a role model.”

You’ll also get the chance to meet several local football standouts who are hoping to follow in Earl’s footsteps and become NFL players some day.

See it all in the debut episode of Area 29 right here on EarlThomas.com and watch it anytime Earl’s YouTube Channel.